Curing a Cough in a 1 year Old

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my duaghter has a horrid cough...(she just turned 1 in november)...she has been on antibiotics for her cold/ear infection since friday but cannot seem to shake the cough...i have tried vicks on her feet and hot showers...but nothing seems to do the trick...i am open to any suggestions...also she seems to cough the worst at night while she sleeps


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My son has a heavy cough and cold, runny nose as well. when he cough the mucus come, but he didnt know how to put outside. can anyone help me

Monique - posted on 12/21/2009




Did you try a vaporizer in their room at night. It seems to help my daughter sleep better as she is coughing alot lately too.

Coolgirl426 - posted on 12/21/2009




i do have a humidifier but have opted not to use is...we are living with family right now and she is sleeping in a walk in closet and i am afraid it will get to hot in there for her...she is also sleeping in a pack and play (since her crib is in storage) and i havent tried to elevate it...but i might have to find a way too thanks

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a humidifier in her room should help . coughs always get worse at night. I put baby vicks on my kids' chests it is made with milder ingredients than reg. vicks and seems to help open them up. You might also try to walk her outside in the cold night air. it seems to help open the airways a little and can ease coughing. I have never used cough meds for my kids as the ped. said it carries more risk of overdose than the benefits it has. It usually doesn't help anyway. the hot shower always helped my kids. otherwise just time. Is she drinking milk or formula?? if she is drinking milk, I would limit that, I find it tends to cause some phlem, so I always switched to gatorade when my kids are sick. If you are concerned about the calcium cheese is good and doesn't seem to make them phlemmy. I never worry too much about nutrition when my kids are sick. just be sure they are staying hydrated and taking in some calories (gatorade takes care of both) and anything they'll eat (toast, crackers, whatever). My kids probably love to be sick lol they get spoiled pretty badly. My daughter is almost 4 so when she's sick, mommy makes her mint tea with honey and cinnamon sugar toast, whatever she wants really (as long as she'll eat something lol) Good luck and I hope your little one feels better very soon.

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some have mentioned hot showers some have mentioned cool air, but you need to put the two together. Sit in the hot shower, you don't have to get wet, just take in the steam for 20 min, then immediately take her outside into the cold air for a couple of minutes, this really knocks out the cough.

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Coolgirl426 - posted on 12/22/2009




thank you everyone...i will have to try and get a cool mist humidifier today to see if that doesnt help out, i have also noticed she seems to breath alot better outside in the cold weather...i know she doesnt have croup because her brother just had it and the coughs are definitely different...her cough is more of a hacky cough...i am also going to try and figure out the best way to elevate her pack and play today too

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Cool mist humidifier, vicks, elevated head, you can elevate the whole end of the crib she sleeps in if she does not move around too much. Does she have alot of mucous? She may need a nebulizer, both of my kids have had to do that. Take her back to the doctor, good luck, poor baby!

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My pediatrician prescribed Rondec a cough medicine for my daughter and it helps so much. It is the only thing that gets us through when she is sick. He gave it to her when she wa 5 months and again last week. Also I would elevate the head(we put her on a pillow) and used the cool mist humidifier. They have the ones that plug into the outlet that are cool now.

Megan - posted on 12/21/2009




Does her cough sound like a seal....she could have croupe!!! She will need a shot for that. My daughter has had it twice it is just a horrible cough but will get worse and may affect her breathing! Croupe also gets worse at night! Do you have a cool mist humidifier or try sitting in the bathrrom with the shower on hot and shutting the dorr for a little bit! Poor thing!

I would take her back to the doctor!

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You shouldn't be using a hot air humidifier anyways as they breed bacteria. Use a cool mist one. The point of a humidifier is to make the air moist so that her cough isn't so bad.

Kate CP - posted on 12/21/2009




Elevate the head of her bed, and get a humidifier. Call your pediatrician in the morning and ask if there are any medications you can give and in what doses.

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