Currently 4 days late 2 negative tests WHEN IS BEST?

Cheetahcupcakez - posted on 05/01/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




My period came on the 30th of March and it is May 1st today and no period. I had no cramps and the other day I had on a pad and I had light brown discharge and no blood/bleeding. I haven't seen the discharge since then but I took one test today and one the other day and no luck. I used one of those 97 cent ones from Walmart and used an early result equate pregnancy test. When is best to test for best accurate result? And what kind of test worked for you? I have a daughter who will be two in June..i used a digital test with her and it automatically came up pregnant but I was also 6 weeks or so pregnant by that time... and I am on no birth control. Thank you!


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Gena - posted on 05/03/2015




I think my test only showed positive in about 10days. Use your morning urin. Its possible that you are still too early for a hpt to detect.Good luck

Michelle - posted on 05/02/2015




You should always test with the first urine of the day (as soon as you wake up) and can test as soon as you miss a period.
Your hormones may not be strong enough to register on a HPT so you can go and see your doctor for blood tests, they are more accurate. It is possible to get false negatives on HPT's.

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