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I cuss, my husband cuss, I have 5 kids 16,12,6,4,and 7 months they know better to not cuss. you may hear a word here and there and I correct them not to use that word it's not nice, my older ones may use the words as an expression while talking to me doesn't bother me because they are older. None of my kids are potty mouths, they aren't prefect but they are prefect, I listen to all kinds of music oldies, rock,rap, when I do play rap music there's cuss words (I would never play the rap songs that have the words sex, pussy etc.) but yes cuss words they heard it before, and my husband said something about it today, all of sudden it was like , really come on, he killed my vibe it wasn't that bad it was a good song. I feel these kids should grow up knowing these songs. It turn into a fight because I'm stubborn, I said I'll remember that when ever he plays music with any cuss words or on the radio in movies even the kids YouTube videos of MineCraft I hear a cuss word and I will say something "I heard that" but the kids are good about not using them,maybe once in a while I correct them and that's that. I'm open to hearing anything from you moms. Am I disrespecting my husband's opinion by arguing about my opinion? He works all day and I care for the kids.


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Good grief. Sounds to me like the two of you do this one up bullshit often...

How about communicating with each other, coming to an agreement about what to expose the kids to, etc. Its not about who can get away with being the bitchiest, or you getting one up on him because he mentioned that the music that you're exposing the kids to may be a bit vulgar...

IMO, it sounds like the KIDS are the two of you.

You say you're stubborn. It's like you're proud of the fact that you're purposely obstinate. Adults agree to disagree. Adults agree on a parenting plan of action and stick to it.

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