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I've been with my boyfriend for about 2 years now and we have a 2 month old baby girl. While I was pregnant I was extremely paranoid and hormonal. I made lots of accusations towards him and anything he did. Once I was about 8 months pregnant it stopped. I quit with accusations, I quit with random freak outs.. my hormones started to level out and since the baby I feel more like my "normal" self than ever before.. My family has even made comments about how well my attitude leveled out.

Anyways, for a few weeks I have suspected my boyfriend has been using drugs but I have had no proof of that. Except this past weekend he got a suspicious text at around 10 pm. When I asked him who was messaging him that late he said "My coworker was asking if I was coming to work tomorrow" and then he said "you want to see it?" and for the 2nd time in our entire relationship I said yes. The message had nothing to do with work it said "Hey u tryin to buy anythin today?" Clearly my drug thoughts are coming to light, but that sparked something in my head. He actually just lied to my face about what a message said so I clicked over and found a frequently contacted number but there was no messages or calls in his phone to it. I asked another question and he said he doesn't know whose number it was. Because I have decided to follow my heart I called the number at work and found it was a girl. When confronted again about it he said a buddy of his was congratulating him on the baby from his girlfriends phone. OK

1. If that was true why would he lie?
2. If that was true why would he delete the messages?

Anyways, since this argument he decided to pull out some pretty interesting threats regarding the custody of my child.

What do I do? Take him to court? What if he tries to take her before I get legal custody?


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Right now, he has as much right to have the child as you do and not give her back to you. Your best bet is to seek out a lawyer in family law and start to go through the process of custody, child support, and visitation. Also holding out with the child is going to make you look bad in the eyes of the court from him.

As for your questions: We can not answer them because we do not know him or the situation he is in.


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Get a lawyer and file immediately for temporary custody w/ the intention of going towards joint custody (unless some solid evidence of the drug usage comes up) as she gets older.

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