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Hi, I live in the state of VA. I have a 2 month old baby and my boyfriend I just split. He is going to try to get custody of the baby. I do have a job but may have to quit or go to part time if I can't find a babysitter and I also take online classes for college. The father of my child is also a cop where we live. He has a 5 year old son from a previous relationship who he has full custody of but his 5 yr old stays with his grandparents and his father (my ex) hardly ever cares for or gives attention to him. Please help. Is there anything I can do to prevent him from taking my 2 yr old..any advice is welcome


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What is wrong with shared custody? You need to get an attorney and work towards a compatible shared arrangement.


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Why do either one of you have to have custody? Shared care is a very good option and probably best for the child. Your child isn't a possession for you to keep, he's a child that deserves to have a relationship with both parents.
Get yourself a lawyer and ask them though. They will know the laws where you are.
Also can you just clarify what age?

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2 months or 2 years...? I do not know custody law specifics in VA, but typically a lot of courts will try to have the parents have 50/50 custody wherever possible... unless there is solid evidence that one of the parents is unfit for that.

If the child is 2 months old I would not 'think' that taking primary custody away from the mother would be at all practical... especially if you are breastfeeding. Short visitations increasing as the child ages would be more practical. If the child is 2 years old... there's likely no logical reason why 50/50 custody couldn't be worked into fairly quick.

Get a lawyer and share all of your concerns and they will present the best way to proceed. Unless you have documented evidence that he is unfit for 50/50 custody... prepare yourself for that being the outcome unless he has solid evidence against you that would prove you unfit.

Good luck!

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