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Hello. I have a little situation, but to make a long story short my kids' father left last year to be with his wife in Germany. He "gave" us the apartment he had here, but we couldn't put in in our name because he left without signing any papers over. Meanwhile, the last four months my kids and I were there my now boyfriend who HAD an issue with drugs came from Texas to work and help the kids and I (been with him for 2 years now. When my kids father found out he was staying at the apt he came back and kcked my boyfriend out and I had to leave as well. The whole time my kids father was in Germany he disnt come see the kids. I believe he is letting his male ego get in the way. My boyfriend is a wonderful man and has gotten help with his past issue. He treats the kids like his own and had never harmes them...Can my kids' father keep him from being around my kids? I want him to see the children during the summer because they live with me, go to
school and besides all of that they are my world. He has threatened to take me to court for them or says that I should just give them to him and be with my boyfriend. I would NEVER do that. What will the courts say because I am trying to move. I would like him to have them during off school/summer moths that way he can still be with them. His kids are 7 and 5. Hope this wasn't too confusing...btw I am a great mom. College grad, working, good head on my shoulders and would give my kids the world if I could.


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Jodi - posted on 09/05/2013




No, he can't control who is around your kids, but he owns the apartment (or his name is on the lease) and he can control who lives there. He can also make the choice to take you to court for custody if he chooses, based on your choice of partner. Whether he wins or not will be up to a judge, but he has the right to file for custody.

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I don't think there is anyone around who could say how the courts would side. Sounds like a crazy situation. Being their father, he has some say over the matter, but if it is purely ego, as you say, then you shouldn't worry about the courts. They should see you working hard to provide a good life for your kids. You have the right to move onwith your life and date people.

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