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I was arrested for drugs but it was dismissed without proof I lost my kids because my husband filed for emergency custody and lied to court about me being in jail so I wasn't served in time! What do I do


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Jodi - posted on 02/13/2015




They don't just randomly arrest people for drugs, so even though there was insufficient evidence to convict you, that doesn't mean there wasn't some basis on which the decision was made to arrest you in the first place. So why were you arrested in the first place? There has to be some basis to it.

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Ms. Wright: calling others idiots is not going to further your question.

You stated you were arrested, but charges were dismissed. You stated that your husband filed for emergency I'm going to take that as your ex husband...because if you were married to him, he wouldn't have had to file emergency custody orders. What the hell did you expect him to do? You were being arrested, and the kids needed to be taken care of...would you have rathered they go into the system?

Why would you not be able to be served if you were in jail? Most process servers visit the jailhouse, so his alleged lie about that shouldn't have prevented a process server from finding you...and if you weren't incarcerated, then you could have been easily found by a process server going about your normal day, correct?

What do you do? You get an attorney and fight for your right to your kids. Personally, based on your response to the other poster...neither you nor your 'husband' (ex, or whatever) is a stellar parenting example at this point, if one's straight out of prison, and the other is having drug charges leveled at them...and tends to call other people idiots if she doesn't agree with them...

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Get a lawyer. They will be the ones to help you best in this case. They have the means to fight the system properly.

And also, just because you don't like someones advice, it does NOT warrant name calling. Consider this your official warning.

~WtCoM MoD LiTtLe MiSs~

April - posted on 02/12/2015




I didn't idiot..thanks this site very helpful! I guess my husband str8 out of prison is a great parental figure!

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