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I have three children that I have custody of in ohio I have had these children for 3 years. two of them are my cousins kids and the baby was thrown in because they are siblings. there mothers mother is taking me back to court yet again to get custody of them. she has done this six months ago she want me to go before a lawyer and sign the children back over to her and be done with it instead of going to court. the childrens mother is in a drug rehab place so she says. the way I got the kids was that the two oldest ones know 9 and 5 had been in the system for two years because there mother called the sheriff and told them to come and get them before she hurt them she has been on drugs starting her very early teen years the grandmother had fostered the two older ones for a period of time and ended up sending them to other people because she could not deal with them. I have dealt with the children while my 19 year old was dieing of a brain tumor and working. the childrens grandmother could not deal with them while her mother was sick at the same time my daughter was. please help any advise would be helpful


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Ok so I'm assuming you have full custody over them right if you do and you don't want to give them up don't you have been taking care of them forever and a day keep the kids don't give them up if I was them Kids and you gave me up I would think you didn't love me anymore they need to be in a stable living home I was being moved left and right since I was young don't let it happen to these kids

Dove - posted on 06/14/2015




If she is taking you BACK to court I assume that means you have court orders giving you custody already...? All you can really do is get a lawyer to compile all the evidence and let her try again. If she lost 6 months ago and nothing has changed... she's not likely to get anywhere this time either (but you can really never predict what a judge will rule).

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If you have legal custody, this is a court deal. If you do not have legal custody, any relative (presumably) could request custody.
Either way, it's best to have an attorney and go before a judge

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