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a judgment was made today. This judgment placed children into a home where my oldest son has stated if if he is made to live with his father that he is going to kill his self. As a day a judge has placed both of my children in the home that they do not want to be in based upon lies. I am a pro se in my case cannot afford an attorney but my husband ex husband is represented by fathers for equal rights and in the state of Texas if it seems that if you have a fathers for equal rights attorney or you can afford an attorney you always have the upper hand. All I have to ask now is when my son does commit suicide and killed his self who is going to be held responsible judge Regina Moore out of Dallas County or his father or myself for not being able to afford an attorney to fight this case for me. I have done everything that Court has requested I have pass drug test matthew has passed drug test my home has three bedrooms one for the girls one for the boys and one for Matthew and I they each have their own place to sleep. However living with their father they have a three bedroom home one for the father one for the father's brother and one for three children at 12 year old girl a 13 year old boy and a nine year old girl to share one room. they are allowed around Lisa father's girlfriend who physically and mentally abuses them despite what Family Court Services said and counselors that the judge ordered the children to go to has said she has turned around and gave him temporary sole custody with me having a standard visitation. Where is the justice in this world are we teaching children that you can lie and get away with things are we teaching our children that the justice system as a failure For everybody involved. Now I sit and wait for the phone call that my son has committed suicide due to judge Regina Moore placing them in the home with Eric Stone. Eric Stone has stated that as of September 1st his girlfriend Lisa is to be moving out of the home and let the children will no longer be exposed to them over the last 5 years Eric and Lisa has separated several occasions and always gotten back together. Eric Stone has made promises to my son within the last 2 weeks that if he moves home with his father that he promises to do more things with him he promises to buy him things but as in the past Eric has made these promises kept them up for a couple weeks and then stopped. Is there anybody out there that actually believes in the justice system and that this is wrong I've been fighting this man since 2004. there has been lies After lies and allegations after allegations made by the father there is total of maybe a hundred and fifty so mod Cps reports made by the father and I always are unfounded good during one of the allegations he was able to get custody during the Investigation. In this world are just this is Stone are police are everything that revolves around what makes the law is teaching our children that is okay to lie that is okay to lie to get what you want it is ok to cause problems and to throw people in jail and do whatever so that you can get what you want. if there is anybody out there that can help me being a mom of two children full at home and who told her and I'm fighting to take from their father dumb from being exposed to everything that's been going on somebody please step up and help me because I don't know what to do I can't pay twenty thousand dollars upfront for an attorney because of this case. I have made mistakes in my life but none of them have ever took my children and harm none of them have ever cuz my child to say I'm going to kill myself if I made to look like my father. I am so lost on what to do to save my children to save my son before he does kill his self. my life is in the stretches hands at this point and so is my children and I pray to God that my son does not do when he is stated not only to Cps not only to his mother not only two friends that the family not only to his siblings but to everybody including the judge..

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