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Hey I am in need of some useful opinions! My boyfriends baby mama is about 8 months pregnant with his kid and is doing everything in her power to make it hard for him to see his son-to-be. The only thing she is agreeing to is letting him sign the birth certificate. Does this give him any rights? She is known to use and abuse drugs, is flighty and young and unemployed. He has a wonderful job that pays well and is in college, she does nothing but get knocked up. So far, she has married her other baby daddy, and said she is going to breastfeed, not use bottles or pacifiers which is not what she has done with her 11 month old. At this point I have gotten two different stories from two different lawyers anout what he can do. But the courts here seem to always side with the mother so its seems so hopeless right now, he is the best option for this child he wants this baby so badly and is willing to pay however much it takes, so does anyone out there have any advice!!??


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No one here is a lawyer. He needs to search out family law lawyers and fight for his rights. Unfortunately he can not do this until the baby is born. He has as much right to have a relationship with the baby as she will. But you can not go into court thinking that what you say to the judge is going to make him get custody on his side. He needs to have solid proof of the drug abuse issues because that is what is going to be what the judge is going to accept.

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Have him hire a lawyer and take it to court. He WILL get visitations unless the mother has solid evidence that he is a danger to his child, but how often and how long those visitations are depends on way too many variables for anyone to guess. Even if she is breastfeeding and not using bottles he could be able to come by and see the baby... and even get a 2-3 hour chunk of time alone w/ the baby after a while.

NO ONE can predict what will happen in that court room.

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Yes. HE needs to pursue this, not you, and YOU need to really examine if you want a guy who bed hops like that. She's 8 months pregnant, and he's with you? What a friggin winner, in my book...NOT!


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Raye - posted on 10/14/2015




Emily, you probably think you love this guy, and I know you didn't ask for this kind of advice, but I would run far, far away and find a relationship that has less drama. It's going to be a hard road for you in this relationship. I am a step-mom, so I know all about baby-mama-drama. Your boyfriend SHOULD want to be in his child's life, so that's good. He sounds like a great guy (except for getting this crazy girl pregnant). But if he does have involvement in that child's life, it's going to be a strain on your relationship at every turn. Just giving it to you straight, because it's something you will to live through every day for the rest of your life with this guy.

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