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My daughter is 25 and her dad passed and left her alot of money.I am grandma she just up and left her son with me Sunday before Halloween and i am raising him she dont call to check on him just wanted to know if i can join cauuse i am grandma and would love to have someone to tslk too!Please let me know if it is ok and kind oiuif keep me o ut i f posting would love to have one on one with one person to confide in.I assm 58 and i don't mind at all taking on the responsibility it is a pleasure just need someone i can talk tkoo that wouldn't look down on me thank you for your time Sheila


Jodi - posted on 11/07/2015




You should file for official custody and child support. She has no right to just up and leave a child with you and expect you to raise that child with no help from her as a parent. If a man leaves a woman with a child, he has to provide financially, well the same goes here. Also, without the paperwork showing you have custody, there will be some things you will have no right to authorise on behalf of the child. This may include education, medical, even travelling. This may not affect you now, but will in the future. Also, with a mother like this, the last thing you want is for her to just be in and out of the child's life whenever she chooses. That's really unfair to the child and demonstrates poor parenting skills.

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