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Hi. I just want to get some opinions on this matter. The father of my child and I separated when i was 7 months pregnant due to some Domestic violence. I currently have a DVO against him. I have let him see him a handful of times without me being around but i then decided i needed to Consent order just to be safe as he was acting out and i knew he wasn't taking the medication he had been prescribed due to his aggression. He had also threatened to take off with him multiple times. So i did up a consent form which he didn't want to sign because "Hes on drugs and isn't capable of looking after him" Meanwhile he talks about selling them also and is forever talking about the dodgy people at his house stealing his stuff etc. At the end of the day he has made it obvious it is about me and not my Son by saying things like he isn't going to bother with our son if I'm not in the picture which makes me insanely uncomfortable. He has also claimed he is not the father multiple times. I have put my foot down as he has straight up refused to get a drug test and he is going to take me to court. No mean comments please. I was oblivious to the person he was until after my son was born but I need to do what is in the best interest of my child. I'm now being made out to be the worst person in the world by him and his family and of course self doubt can get the best of us sometimes. Also he refuses to pay child support.
Has anyone had a similar experience or just tell me your thoughts.

Thank you


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Court. Get everything sorted in court.


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I agree with the other ladies. Get custody, visitation and child support sorted out by a judge. If he doesn't have any interest in the child unless he can get at you, then that's his choice. Don't let him get at you. Document everything that he does when he "acts out". Have copies of the police report(s), any actual evidence that he may cause a danger *to the child*. You can request that he get supervised visitation with a neutral third party. The judge will consider the evidence then rule whether they think supervision is necessary.

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Like Evelyn said: Get a lawyer and go to court. Get custody, visitation and child support sorted out by a judge.

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THe reason you are not getting anywhere with the dad is because you need to get a lawyer and take it to court. He is not going to want to go by what you want him to do consent form or no. And is this consent form a legal court document? If not then its just a piece of paper. He is also not going to pay child support unless you get court orders. He is also got just a DVO that is to do with you not the child. He does have a right to have a relationship with his child. But you must go about it legally. I can understand your being scared he will hurt the child but until you can prove via documents of his drug use, drug activities, and anything else that can show he would be a danger to the child, it is he said/she said. Judges do not go on what one or the other says. They want solid evidence that there is danger to the kids.

Here is some advice:

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