Custody and 604b

Tifanee - posted on 09/23/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have been in a huge custody battle for about a year and a half. My daughter is 2 1/2 and from the time she was 7 months- 1.3 years her dad decided not to be apart of her life. Now bc of all the legal fees the costs to pay for the 604b are outrageous and I can't afford it, I am being told my daughter will go to her dad instead if I can not afford this. The GAL asked me to quit my job or she would give my daughter to him (which I did), her and I resided in an apartment and bc he lives with his mom in a house I was told I need to get a house or once again, I would lose my daughter (so I did). I'm from Texas and have no family here but am obliging by everything I am asked to do in order to keep fighting (my family also pays all expenses to fly out here for every court date its supposed to be settled and at the last minute his attorney files an emergency petition for continuance). I by no means wish to take her from her father but I do feel that taking away my custody because I don't have extra thousands and thousands of dollars is fair to either her or I (this is what I am being told is going to happen). Mind you, I went to Texas under a physical violence threat by him and it was only supposed to be for a week just to take a break and once her and I arrived in Texas he said we were not welcome back. My daughter and I had to make two trips back to Illinois so he could see her (since he wouldn't come to Texas to do so) and our GAL told me I was soley financially responsible for these trips- I did so without hesitation so she could know her dad. Then in June 2014 her and I moved back to try and make our family work, we got an apartment, our furniture mysteriously never arrived and he left my daughter and I sleeping on the floor until I figured it out. Now because I don't have 2500-10,000 left I am being told he will now get her. I don't understand this and honestly my lawyer isn't being super helpful. His mom has also been caught following me in a different car and they hired a PI to follow me. I'm a single working mom, there's not much to find. has anyone dealt with this or know of any laws or cases pertaining to this? My daughter is my world and I've been her sole provider, have never received one penny of child support. I don't understand how its legal to take her away because I cant afford all this extra money!! Please please help! Thank you!

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