Custody Battle with ex, when fiancé is in Military?

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I can't get into my old post on this . so I'm in MN and my 1 year old sons biological father visits every other Sunday and I'm getting married in a few months to a man who is in the military. (Army branch) . I'm wondering , with his military lawyer, what's a likely outcome of me trying to move wherever he may be stationed ? Anybody else's experiences with situation.... ?


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If the move would make it an undue hardship, then you may have to be a military spouse who does not relocate to each new post.
What are your current orders for custody? You will need to appear before a judge for a determination

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I guess it depends how far you are moving and what he is fighting for. Is his biological father visiting every other Sunday because that is what YOU have dictated to him, or because that is what you both agreed? Are you moving so far away that maintaining a relationship with his son would be difficult for him? Is there currently any custody arrangement at all? Is the father blocking the move? What is he demanding with regard to visitation/custody?

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MaryAnn is right. I think I remember this conversation from a while ago. Is he the one that could be relocated to Hawaii?

You really need to get a family lawyer. Please remember, what is best for the kids come first. If moving out of state, away from his father isn't going to be the best thing for your child/children, the court is not going to allow it. If you up and move without addressing it, you could be in big trouble. Be careful. Be mindful. Think of the best for the kids, not just what you want.

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I havent personally experienced this, but I hear of it often. In most cases, judges will not allow you to just move anywhere without the father's consent. It puts an unfair burden on him in regards to visitation.

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