custody child abuse and autism

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my 5 year old has been begging me not to make him go to his dads for the weekend crying screaming and when i ask why or what happends that he happens over there he was saying that his dad hits him on but hard and his wife isnt nice also that one of her sons hurts him it keeps getting worse i have called every one i could call taken hime to the dr. his dad even told the dr. he was spanking him but hasnt for about a year also that kayden says bad words, he hits, trys to hurt the kids and even gets aggressive with him trying tohurt him when he gets mad ALL OF THAT HAS NEVER GONE ON AT MY HOUSE! the dr referd us to some play therapist but they wont take new patients or he would have to have marks on him now to do a eval on him his dad has agreed not to spank him but i think he still is and now if i ask my son about any thing to do with his dads he shuts down he started saying his dad spanked him once and he dont do it now or says i cant tell u, i dont know, oh and i asked if his dad was still spanking him and he sald he hasnt ever im at a loss i just want to know my son is ok over there and the fits with begging when he has to go cant be good for him


Cecilia - posted on 09/05/2013




Why do you need marks on a kid to take them to play therapy? Call around for child psychologist and see who's open to take him. They are usually pretty full of clients so it might take a little bit of work on your part but they wouldn't be that full if they waited for signs of abuse, since they do more than abuse cases...

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