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Melinda - posted on 02/27/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




So, my 16 yr old son has recently been admitted to a short term rehab for depression and drug addiction. He has admitted that in the past his father who has court ordered visitation has given him marijuana and alcohol on several occasions in the past. His father now is visiting my son in the facility when he is supposed to be getter better trying to convince him to move in with him. My son wants to please both of us but should be worrying about treatment, not stuff like this. My son has said he doesnt want me to take his dad back to court for supervised visitation. I dont to upset him and push him closer to his father, potentially putting him back in another bad situation. But im afraid if he goes back over there, this will happen again. I dont know what to do. Please help!


MaryAnn - posted on 02/27/2016




Seriously... At this point, dont worry about these things. Your son is 16. No court wpuld mandate supervised visits between a 16 year old and his father. The court can put things on paper, but your son at 16 will pretty much have whatever kind of relationship with his father regardless of what you think, or objectively IS best for your son.
If the cost of treatment or other child related finances are an issue, they would probably look into that... But theres not much you can force a 16 year old to do without putting him on the streets (which you dont want, and his father would probably rescue him, and you will forever have done the wrong thing.)
Focus on his health.
Really. The only way their visitation would be supervised is if one of them is continually institutionalized.
If you can objectively prove he has been giving narcotics to minors, you may have a shot at getting the father behind bars... But would you want to be the one to do that?

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