Custody issues I need help ASAP please ??????

Kayla - posted on 09/04/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I planned on moving out of the state so I let my sons grandmother and aunt on his fathers side spend time with my son for a couple of days I do not allow my sons father to do anything with my son he is a bum and doesnt take care of my son at all.. when I tried to get him back they refused to give him back saying that my sons father has joint custody of my son and that they are not going to let me move out of the state with my son and the cops couldn't help me get him back either my sons father is not on the birth certificate and we have not established paternity I want to know how my sons father and his grandmother could go behind my back and file for joint custody of my son without me knowing I didn't receive any papers in the mail about it? and what can i possibly do to get him back ASAP I've been crying and losing my mind they've been planning and scheming behind my back to try to take my son from me... My sons father is a convicted felon doesn't have his own place just had a new born baby can't keep a job and is on probation now he has robberies, drug cases, dui's, and assault cases with me and a uncle he got into it with before. My sons father has been arrested every year for something or the other ever since I've known him... I live at home with my mom and was moving this friday to go and live with my father in florida since my mother is moving down there to florida I just wanted to leave with my son and start a new life and these people just took him from me..


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First of all they can't get joint custody of your son without proving paternity and as you are the only one listed on the birth certificate they would have to first get a dna test done, you would have been served court papers telling you about the hearing to give the father joint custody and you would have had to have been given papers stating that custody had been legally changed. I think they are lying to you to scare you and you should go to the cops and get your child back.

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If you have his birth certificate that does not have the father listed and the father did not produce documentation proving that he is the father.... there is no way that he has joint custody and it's ludicrous that the police would not help you. He has to have documentation of paternity in order to have joint custody.... and he has to have documentation of either paternity or custody in order for the police to not intervene.

Did you produce the birth certificate for the police and did he produce proof of paternity and/or a joint custody order? If not... call the police back and get your kid. If whoever you talk to won't help you.... keep speaking to higher ups until someone will help you.

Police will not get involved in a civil matter, but this is, legally speaking, a kidnapping issue until there is paperwork stating otherwise.

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