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Jody - posted on 11/02/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




if father has not established paternity in 8 years and now is doing so because he met someone with children therefore parenting is easier, how likely is it he'll get 50/50 . we had worked out an agreement before 2x/week, he paid no child support. I was told if I make more money then him I can owe him child support even if it is 50%.

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Jodi - posted on 11/02/2015




Establishing paternity is irrelevant. You've already acknowledged he is the father. To play that card at this point would be really petty and quite honestly, just deliberately making things difficult.

Child support payment is also irrelevant to custody. Have you filed for it? if you have and he hasn't paid, then do something about it. But don't use it as an argument in a custody case.

This man has had an ongoing relationship with his child. He has as much right to an equal relationship with the child as you do. Why wouldn't he be entitled to that? Being the mother doesn't give you more rights.

Finally, yes, if he gets 50% custody (which he may or may not get, we can't advise you that) and you earn more, you MAY be required to pay him. It depends on the laws where you live.

Ev - posted on 11/02/2015




That is also what I do not get. Why was he not put on the birth certificate? Why was not custody, visitation, and child support set up via the courts?

Sarah - posted on 11/02/2015




Is he on the birth certificate? If not, why not? Why did you not petition or negotiate for child support when the child was born? If he has been parenting 2x a week, with or without paternity established, then sure why would he not be entitled to 50/50?

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