Custody question PLEASE HELP!!!

Linda - posted on 08/03/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I live in the state of Alaska my daughter just turned 2 years old in July
Does anyone know how likely her father is to have any overnight visitations at her age when he is living with his parents in a green house? Ya I said it a green house, it's heated and good size but it's all glass windows besides one wooden wall and one single bed which he shares with his son. (he did say something about letting her sleep on the floor in his mothers room. He has yet to have her sleep ther even for naps) he also has a nine year old almost ten year old son that their custody is 70/30 30% being dad. He is 40 something years old has a really good job working on the slope so he is on the job for 3 weeks and in town for 2 weeks. The two weekJs he is in town he doesn't work. I am just kinda freaking out a little bit. please give me some advice we just started our custody battle ( first court hearing next month september) and I don't have an attorney. I have a two bedroom apartment that I live in where she has her own room and a bunk bed. He doesn't even have but a couple shirts for her a pair of pants and some diapers. Please help!!!


Jodi - posted on 08/03/2012




If he currently has 30% custody of his other child, and there appears to be no real concerns about his ability to care for a child, he is highly likely to be able to get shared custody of some sort. The reason he probably doesn't have more than a couple of shirts, a pair of pants and some diapers for her is because it sounds like you don't ever let him have her overnight. Why would he need more than that? That's actually not a particularly good argument for him not to have her. Sorry, but he is the father, he has rights too. Your daughter also has rights to spend time with her dad. It is perfectly reasonable for him to request overnight visits, or even 50/50 custody.

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