Custody schedule was finalized today

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So I'll make a long story short. I am sad tonight as I had a custody SENE today and my sons dad will now have our son every other extended weekend and every other Wednesday overnight. I have been with him every weekend of his whole life. I am the one who started the custody process, but now I'm questioning if I made the right decision. Dad used to have our son Tuesday from school until Thursday morning drop off. I'm not sure if I'm making sense but just feel sad/confused/worried although things pretty much went in my favor. Any words of wisdom/insight would be beneficial. Thanks for listening.


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Michelle - posted on 10/12/2016




I think that what the Dad gets is good, it could be better though.
I have done 50/50 shared care for over 11 years now and to me that the fairest for the child. Why are you sad/confused/worried? Your son has a right to have an equal relationship with both parents.
Yes, I miss them when they are with their Dad but it's best for them that they spend equal time with each of us.

Jodi - posted on 10/12/2016




Is your concern because you don't work weekends and you are wondering what to do with that time to stop you from missing him? Does dad work weekdays too? Does he also get weekends off? If he does, then this sounds like a much fairer deal - not just for dad, but for the child. The child should be able to spend weekends with his dad too remember that this is most likely a GOOD thing for your son. Why did you initiate the proceedings - was there no court order initially? Is there some reason why you don't think your son has the right to an equal relationship with both parents?

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