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Renee - posted on 02/29/2016 ( 6 moms have responded )




I am a single mother with two daughters by two different men. My oldest daughter's father is not in the picture and my youngest daughter's father is in and out. He has a new baby on the way and now wants to file for visitation. I have always had my door open for him and his family to come by anyday/anytime. Now that this new baby is here he wants to step up. His new baby momma and me used to be best friends but clearly not anymore. I just want to do what is right and honestly idk what that is right now. He never shows me any appreciation. I work two jobs and I am a full-time student and take care of these two girls by myself. He can go up to two weeks without seeing them. I just don't know which direction to go in. All I know is that my girls are my priority and that they should know they have a sister on the way.


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Jodi - posted on 03/01/2016




What is right is to have a visitation order.

He never shows you appreciation? He is not your partner, he's your ex. He doesn't HAVE to show you any appreciation.

Visitation isn't your call. He has a right to file for visitation, it's his kid. If he is stepping up, then that is a GOOD thing for your kids.

Renee - posted on 03/01/2016




Thank you ladies I just want to do the right thing and I am just unsure on how to be the best mother and role model for my girls.

Michelle - posted on 03/01/2016




You should have court orders in place as soon as you split up.
Go to court and get custody, visitation and child support in writing.

Raye - posted on 03/01/2016




Go to court. Get custody for yourself and visitation for the father by court order. File for child support if you need financial help. You don't get to call all the shots. You need to try to co-parent with the father and do what's better for your kids regardless of your personal feelings for the father or his woman.

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