Cute room themes for a Boy- Toddler:Any Ideas??

Brittany - posted on 11/15/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Im thinking of redoing my son's birthday for Christmas or his 2nd Birthday which is March 18th.But i really would love some ideas and opinions of how other Mom's did there son's room or what kind of theme you think would be cool.Sofar I have Disney Cars picked out!Im open for other ideas so any ideas would be Great!I live in an Apartment so I cant paint,but I can use wall stickers that peel off ! - Thanks -

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Colette - posted on 01/31/2013




How about animals IN airplanes...or a sports locker theme with a variety of sports since you don't know what sport he may be into yet - would cover all the bases!

Theresa - posted on 11/15/2010




I like the safari/animal idea. It'll last longer. The problem with cute toddler themes is they out grow them so quickly.

Katherine - posted on 11/15/2010




I personally love the safari theme. No kid ever gets sick of animals!

Casey - posted on 11/15/2010




My son is two and we have just started re-decorrating his new bedroom (his going to have a new baby brother or sister next year so his been kicked out of the little room and into a bigger nice room so we want him to feel special) we decided on a construction theme, we painted the room light blue up the top and light brown down the bottom and then got a stick on border to go around the middle and fluffy white clouds to go in the sky, we got lots of construction stuff off ebay really cheap, we got him a nice construction doona cover, clothes hamper, clock, lamp etc and because my partner works in construction he was able to get some construction signs for us to go on the door and walls.
When your re-decorating your kids room make sure you go with something that will last a while and they won't grow out of to quickly, also check out ebay cause they always have great bargains on there.

Jonna - posted on 11/15/2010




My 2 (almost 3yr old) loves dinosaurs, football, and trains. I think toy story would be great too since the third movie just came out I'm sure there is tons of stuff available right now. My three boy each have their own theme. Those are Disney Cars, construction trucks, and sailboats. My husband keeps trying to add Green Bay packers into the mix. I'm sure it will be great whatever you chose.

Danielle - posted on 11/15/2010




My sons room is a planes, trains, and automobile theme. Other themes that I was debating between was a space theme, robot theme, or you could do something a little an Ikea kind of room. Maybe get some storage containers, paint, get some (children) art print, ect.
Hope this helps.

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