cutting and eating disorder

Susan - posted on 08/30/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I just learned my happy go lucky 15 year old daughter is cutting herself and trying to throw her food up.. I am getting her help but I need help to help her!


Taylor - posted on 08/30/2013




You need to sit her down and have a heart to heart.
Ask her why she is doing the things she is doing.
Talk to her about her body issues, that may be the reason why she is making herself throw up. Ask her why she is so upset/angry to such a degree she is cutting herself.

I know teenage girls aren't the best at communicating especially with their own mothers but this seems to be a serious matter and you need to make sure she knows that whatever she is going through she can come to you and talk.

If that doesn't work you should find her a therapist that she likes, feels safe with and most importantly she can communicate with openly.

If all else fails.. you need to possibly speak to her friends, her friends parents, look on her facebook page or even go through her text messages.
I am usually for giving teenagers space but this seems to be a very serious problem.

I hope this helps you!

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