dad leaves and comes back after 13 years

Edwin - posted on 06/14/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




and know wants too take care of him but my child has child support and the dad wants too get rid of it but he only wants too give my son 100 dollars per month and child support gives me 300 so what should i do and this is actually the son not the mom sorry but i need help


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Jodi - posted on 06/15/2015




Child support assists with paying the household bills and all the expenses your mum has to pay to raise you, right from food, electricity and housing to petrol for the car to run you around and cost of your school books, etc. What your father is trying to do is sneaky and wrong. Firstly. he shouldn't even be involving you in this conversation, and secondly, $100 a month wouldn't even come close to helping your mother support you. It is your father's responsibility to assist with supporting your everyday expenses, and if he paid $100 to you, this would not be happening - it would be really, REALLY unfair to your mother.

Do you realise even how little $300 a month is to support a child? Your father should be thankful that is all he has to contribute. I assure you, your mother is contributing far more than that.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/14/2015




What Dove said.
In addition, you don't know what was told to your father 13 years ago, and he may not have been allowed to contact you for whatever reason. Sometimes moms will do that

Dove - posted on 06/14/2015




You are the child in this situation? I'm a little confused, but I will answer as if YOU are the 13 year old child...

If your mom has a court order for child support... that is what it is unless your parents go back to court to change it.... and that should be none of your concern or your business as it is an adult legal matter.

It is a good thing if your father wants to develop a relationship w/ you and I would encourage you to keep an open mind about it and cautiously give him a chance... but the legal matters are up to the adults and I would let either adult that tries to involve you in it know that it is none of your concern.

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