Daily tantrums from 4 yr old

Beth - posted on 02/12/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi moms, I need advice on how to deal with and ultimately stop my child's daily temper tantrums. My daughter is almost 4 years old & as of late she has fits daily (sometimes multiple times a day) set off by any & everything. She'll have a fit over such random things: because I flushed the toilet & she wanted to do it, because her socks are not on right, because she doesn't want to clean up, because she doesn't want other kids helping her clean up, because she wanted to be first to drink from water fountain at school & of course when she doesn't get her way. 80% of the time she's so sweet, but the other 20% of the time is so draining. Her fits can last from 5 min. to 45 min., she sometimes hits, scratches & throws things. It's starting to happen at preschool as well. Help!


Lucka - posted on 02/12/2015




Have her assessed. Tantrums can be something else. I remember when my child was wailing and crying non stop one night. Later that night we ended up at emegency and it ws found she had kidney disease

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