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Im a mother to two wonderful kids aged 5 and 10 months. due to unfortunate circumstances, I ended up single at 3 months pregnant. I met a guy about two years prior through family and we hung out as friends. Now that Im single, hed like to date me but Im wondering if his age should be a factor. Ive dated men my age 3 n 4 years older n yet they all seem to be childish. Would it be wrong to date someone whose 38 n Im 24?


Chet - posted on 08/20/2013




This depends more on the person and his motivation than on his age. There are 38 year old men out there who look for younger women because they want somebody they can control or somebody they can take care of. They find women their own age are more likely to assert their independence than women who are much younger. At the same time, there are 38 year old men out there who are great guys... and it may be that with two kids you are a lot more mature and wise beyond your years than other 24 year olds. If you think he is a good person, and a possibly a good match for you I don't think 38 is too old. However, if you think 38 is too old that's okay too. If you feel that a sixteen year ago gap is something you can't get past there's nothing wrong with that.


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