dating a father of three and okay with not having my own..

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My partner and does not believe me when i tell him i am okay with not having a child. And this is because i had decided 3years ago after trying for so long to have a child with my ex that i was going to adopt. You see his 3kids are in his custody and so they are in our household. I have always believed that a child is not necessarily the one you have biologically. I grew up with my siblings and also my aunts kids and they were treated and are still treated like they are my mother's children, most people who dont know my family story know they are my true siblings and that's that. So to me being a parental figure to these children already gives me the greatest joy . anyone else in my situation.


~♥Little Miss - posted on 11/14/2012




I agree with exactly what you are saying. There may be a point where you turn around to tell him yes you want to try for a bio child of your own. Just be open and honest with your feelings about things. He will be able to understand when he sees what a great parental figure you can be to his kids.

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