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Chantera - posted on 08/14/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a single mom. I have three children. My children father and I separated 7 years ago. I have been dating this gentleman for a year now and things have been pretty good. He has meet my children once but never really interacted with them, due to me being afraid of introducing men in their lives and they wont be permanent. But today we got into a huge fight because I was agruing with my childrens father about helping more with supporting our children. My current mate is extremely upset with me because he feels i should have hung up once my childrens father starting being disrespectful to me. My currebt mate snatched my phone from me and hung up on my childrens father because i was obviously upset and crying. When I asjed him why he snatched my phone he stated that if i felt the need to continue to argue with my childrens father than I could do it at my house. Yes I was in his home but I felt away for him snatching my phone, also i was already upset with my childrens father. I kindly gathered my bag and left his home because i didnt want to take my anger i felt about my childrena father out on him. After about 30 minutes i call my cureent mate to apologize and he tells me he needs some space. That he cant deal with me and my childrens father right now. I currently am beyond confused. How could he be mad at me because i argued with my childrens father? How could he feel he needed space when he told me to leave? I feel like he doesnt support my children so why is he mad? Can someone help me understand. I am wrong fir feeling this way?


Jodi - posted on 08/14/2016




He's right. You shouldn't be arguing with your children's father. Especially over child support. You can't force a person to pay more than he is ordered to, and you can't force a person to do more than he wants to. No amount of arguing will change that. You need to learn the self control to hang up yourself. I'm not saying you are wrong for FEELING the way you do about your children's father - you can feel mad if you want. But it is how you managed your anger that needs work.

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