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Our 27 year old daughter has recently got a new job & left home. She came back for Christmas & said she was board. We only stayed in Christmas Day but she just didn't seem engaged. After going out for the afternoon she desided to do some work at 8.00pm in her 14year old brothers games room. We had the rest of the house and an office for her to use but she wasn't going to budge. An argument breaks out & my husband tells me to go & sort it out. My son is going crazy because he wants to go on the PS & our daughter is calling him a spoilt brat etc.
They won't stop & our daughter packs her things and said she's going. Telling us were boring & we don't do anything.
After paying for lunch two days in a row for her.
She tells me I'm not proud of her & have never done anything for her. I have been a stay at home mum with both my kids and always put them first. She has just graduated and we told her how proud we are of her.
Does anyone else have the same problem as this.


Dove - posted on 12/27/2015




She sounds like the spoiled brat.... What kind of 27 YEAR OLD comes home for Christmas and then whines about being bored and takes over her teenage brother's space...?

I would have flat out told her that I love her, but I'm NOT proud of the way she's acting... if she wants to act like a child at 27 years old then she can very well go to her own home and act anyway she wants.

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