Daughter afraid of everything?!?!

Stephanie - posted on 07/26/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My oldest daughter is 8. I need advice/ words of wisdom/words of encouragement...etc..... Let me start off by saying that my big girl has always been timid when being coaxed to try something new,for example: swimming in a lake, rather than a pool. She has always been a bit reserved in the "adventerous" aspect. To her defense I am quite cautious myself(only after having children) but I go out of my way to not let my children se that I am nervous/afraid of something because, although I want to protect them, I also want them to try new things and make their own judgement wether or not they like a new/different activity or experience. Having said all of that, my oldest daughter has always thought twice before doing anything new. 1 month ago her grandpa passed away and we were gone from home for 3 weeks dealing with all of that, as it was an unexpected death. Since we have been back home, she has gotten extremly terrified of everything it seems. She's always been afraid of the dark, a rain storm, sleeping without her sister(who is only 16 months younger), and spiders, all of which I can completly understand. However, since we've been back home she is afraid to do even the things she absolutely loves, such as swimming... unless myself or my husband are in the pool with her( which is so out of character for her because its her favorite thing to do and she wants to be a mermaid when she grows up lol) and its not just the pool, its literally everything. She even started crying over the fact that a fly flew past her. She will not even walk to her bedroom without her dad or me...even if the lights in the hallway and bathroom and her room are on. Could there be some correlation between her grandpa's passing and her suddenly being anxiety ridden????

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