Daughter attending the school in which I teach.

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This coming school year my daughter will be attending the same school in which I teach. She will be a 6th grader in a middle school where everything is new for all of the students. She is moving to a new district, a large one in a large suburb. We are excited for the change. I have taught at the school for 2 years and love my colleagues! I am able to pick and choose which teachers and what team she will have. My question for you all is what challenges have any of you experienced if you are in the same position and if you know of any that have experienced something similar what are their experiences? WE are VERY close but as she approaches the teen years our relationship has become challenging....ty for any advice!


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I have taught at the middle school level for 11 years, and now several years at the high school level.

I've seen a lot of parent/child situations in my years, and now that I think about it, I don't think I've gone a year that I didn't have at least 1 student who was not the child of a colleague or administrator. (small town here) But I like the advice above: remind your colleagues that your role as a teacher and role as a parent are separate. Build in the communication with your daughter on the commute to and from school a variety of school and non-school related issues. Try to stay away from engaging in school gossip with your daughter. (Yeah, yeah....I know....teachers and school gossip shouldn't even be in the same sentence!!) Encourage your daughter to partiicpate in any after school athletics or clubs. Perhaps you might even volunteer to sponsor a club so that way you 2 have another interested together. While you are certainly encouraging your daughter to embrace change and make friends, remind her of the peer pressures out there. Gently remind her that her actions are a reflection on you as well. Also assure her that it's OK to make mistakes, forget something, goof up-and that your role as a MOTHER will always supersede your role as a teacher. All the best to you!

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I know someone who teaches at the same school as her 12 year old, and because there have been some issues (not the child's, but its complicated), she has actually asked for her husband to be the parental contact so she can stay out of the middle. Unfortunately, the school has had difficulties separating her role as parent and her role as teacher within the school, so she felt it was important to make sure that the two roles were differentiated, and appointing her husband as contact parent was the only way she felt this could be achieved by ALL involved.

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Normally your child will give you a wide birth and not want to be associated with you in front of her friends. This is normal. Give her space to be herself and keep your relationship private as much as you can. What goes on at school stays at school. This will be quite difficult for her when her friends find out about it. Just assure her that you will not be getting involved in her personal life unless it is as a role as parent.

I worked in the same school as my sons and it did not cause any problems accept when I felt they had been treated unfairly by a colleague. Then I would quitely seeth. But once past that and realising that they could only be another pupil whilst at work I settled down. I think I found it harder than they did at times.


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I had friends in school whose parents worked at our school and they typically didn't have any issues. I will say their parents held them to a higher standard for behavior and setting an example though. This coming school year my brother in law will be my sons HS principal (eek)! Throughout the summer they've talked a lot about it and I am really curious to see how it goes!! :)

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