Daughter Became Out Of Control!?

Sophia - posted on 11/13/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Sorry for the second post. My daughter is 13 and an 8th grader and she has changed so much within one month! She has a younger brother who is 10 and we also live with grandma and their 7 YO cousin. My daughter is just plain rude to her cousin and brother! I do not ignore her attitude, I simply tell her to come over here and we will have our talk about having manners and that we don't tolerate this kind of language and behavior and I've also made her go to her room, ground her, and write paragraphs about why (insert wrong behavior) is not appropriate and why we don't tolerate it.

I also found out that she opened a secret Instagram account a few days ago. I found out when she tried to access it on my phone and she probably thought that her history would disappear. It might've disappeared, and she might've deleted the app because she would have no evidence, but I found the account because she didnt log off of it. Of course, she is now grounded and many of those fun activities that she likes doing are now banned. I found out about the situation with her hanging out with someone turning 19 or is 19 a while ago. I DID put a stop to that, due to all kinds of reasons(and wondered how long she was hanging around with that adult) because it was long enough for her to be influenced. I pulled her out of the program where she can interact with the older young lady, and now she has no contact with her because her social medias are now gone because she isn't mature enough to understand what is appropriate and what is not. She never had social media before because I never thought she was mature enough to understand, but now that I discovered her secret accounts, they are deactivated. She won't be facing any screens for a while ;) apparently, she interacted with the older person online and I read all their messages before making her deactivate them. She is rude to other girls in her grade at school, VERY rude! As in, she points out how immature they are and how stupid, etc. I never thought she would become like this, but I'm planning on putting her to counseling if it gets too much which it already is. I basically had no idea why she acted this way before, except the fact that I knew that there was someone 19 YO influencing her, but now I found out a lot more because I didn't think that she would've gotten to know that person so well in a few days, its also social media that I never knew of. I can always check the friend of a friend list thing which is my way of finding a fake profile because now I know and I will be checking once in a while, and I will keep on being the 'strict' mom and tell her no. Any other ideas on how to deal with this?

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