daughter boyfriend has chosen to take a girl'as a group date to his prom ..my daughters heartbroken,shes two years younger and is not allowed .today theyhe and this other girl go to match tie with her dres,should daughter go,


Ev - posted on 03/23/2014




Why torment the girl if she can not go to prom? What grade is she in? And I know most schools are very strict on who can come to the proms or dances and can not. I once visited my Aunt and Uncle who had a son 14 months younger than I and he had a school dance coming up. They called the school to see if I could go but it was too late to ask and I was too old to go. So why torture her sending her with him and his date to pick out colors of ties and dresses. Why send her to the dinner before prom and to be dropped off later to be alone and cry and also do not send her over to take pictures....it rubs it into her feelings of being left out altogether.


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Bernice - posted on 03/23/2014




My daughters boyfriend has prom coming up and daughter doesnt attend his school ,nor can she go because its a senior /jr prom .She has been asked if she wants to go with her boyfriend as they{he and the prom date }pick out his tie to match the other girls dress?He also wants her to go over and take pictures with him in his tux ,and then he and his group go in a limo and dine out ,go to prom while daughter go home and crys I guess!

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