Daughter complaining of period like pains.

Kelly - posted on 07/08/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter has been complaining of stomach cramps every now and again, she explains them and too me they sound like period pains, her mood swings have also been terrible of late and she is filling out and hungry all the time, she is only 10 but wanted to know if anyone has had any similar complaint from there daughter, The school is having the "talk" with them tomorrow and sending them home with a goody bag so know she will be prepared when it does come but the tummy pains are worrying and hoping someone else can help me with this.


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Louise - posted on 07/08/2012




I was 10 when my periods started and so was my mother and her mother before. If you started your periods early then your daughter will. I think the talk is better coming from you than the school. The school is ok to give general info but she really needs to know what is going to happen and how to deal with it from you. I can remember being so embarrassed about having to use sanitary towels and having to ask my mum for some. Make sure there is enough sanitary wear for her to use without the embarrassment of having to ask. Periods are awful lets face it and it is really depressing when you first start because they are painful and knowing you are going to get them for the next 40-50 years is a bit overwhelming at time.

Talk to her about pain control and hot water bottles and how to deal with the discomfort. Just keep an eye on her because some period pain can be so severe it can make you faint when your a youngster.

Try and break down the areas of why it happends, how to deal with it, and when to expect it into different sections and give her as much information that she can handle without frightening her. Periods coming early suck!

Corinne - posted on 07/08/2012




I'd be having the 'talk' with her myself, then you know exactly what info she has and that she is fully prepared for when it happens. Get her a hot water bottle and some painkillers for her pains and let her know that you are there for her. I was 11 when mine came, it happened the day my twin cousins were born preemie. The house was chaotic and I had nobody to talk to, it was horrid. You need to let her know it's all natural and it'll be okay.

Brittney - posted on 07/08/2012




I didn't have period like pains until a few months before I actually began mine. I was 13 and completely unprepared. Our elementary school only offered a 'human growth and development' class it was a week long and we got little pamphlets we were to read. How about you talk to her about it too?

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