Daughter having issues sleeping/nightmares

Cliva - posted on 01/07/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Happy New Year to everyone. For years our daughter (age 11.5) has been having nightmares on and off, and has issues falling asleep. She is currently on ADHD medicine daily (time released) and Melatonin to help her with sleep. Her current bedtime is 8:30 but recently has been up crying for hours saying that her nightmares are torture and cannot sleep. When talked about she says she cannot find her "safe place" right now to sleep, and feels like she is being watched by monsters etc, we've even seen her standing up against the wall so nothing can get behind her. We are lost as parents on this, and do not know why this is happening. We live in a very safe neighborhood, the house has ADT, a 70lb dog and everyone is on the same floor as her sleeping. Its taking quite a toll on the family as well. She does have a sister as well (12.5 yrs old) and at times they sleep together. We usually do not allow it on school nights only on holiday breaks at times and vacations as we feel letting her sleep with her sister only would cause bigger issues down the road. Last night was so bad we let her sleep with her sister (the older sister does not mind at all) Has anyone experienced this? Is letting her sleep with her sister wrong? We have her check up wit the doc this Friday and will review with him.



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Check into med reactions. sounds like that could be the problem.

Really, though I don't see a big deal with your two same sex siblings sharing a room, if that is what helps one sleep and the other doesn't mind it. I know that you want them both to have their own space, but a temporary solution would be to move them into one room and turn the other into a 'girl cave' for them to hang out.

If the physician seems to not really look into the problem, push for it. Make sure they understand that you are concerned about possible medication issues.

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