daughter in college and sleeping too many lousy guys

Monica - posted on 11/11/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




i have 22 year old daughter. from age 16 we caught her lying and with guys. if she get caught she will promise us she will never do it and withing months she is with new guys. she always date guys with whom there is no potential for marriage . she was very bright and wanted to go for medical now she struggling to pass with B.S.


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Your kid is normal. She started lying to you, and dating. I don't think I've met a teenager yet that's been perfectly honest (not even mine, although they never get far in a lie). I've not met a teen yet that wasn't interested in the opposite sex.

May I ask you if every guy YOU dated before meeting her father was "potential for marriage"???

And, to be quite honest, I work at a university. I see a majority of kids who are brilliant, high IQ, very high achieving, that "struggle" to pass their bachelor's and move on.

Are you trying to make a correlation between her struggle to pass coursework and how many guys she hangs out with? Because, as it stands, I see none. I see you're upset because your daughter isn't where you'd like her to be at this point in her life, but the important question here is IS SHE WHERE SHE WANTS TO BE?

If so, learn to accept your daughter for the human being she is, love her, love that she's your daughter, and let her live her life. If she's a special needs adult, then by all means treat her accordingly, but if she's 'normal' (as far as that can be taken...no one's entirely normal), then she's got to live her own life.


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Monica - posted on 11/11/2013




Thanks for ans. I am upset because I am paying UCSD money. She getting below C and she will add couple qtr more. We are from India and we both are Doctor. She go out with guys which are lousy . I dont care she date but should be steady and honest.
They start sleeping with each other very quickly. she get drunk at fridays. she has no involvement of heart and start sleeping. I met one guy ,dated him, fall in love and got married. I am 45 year old. if she pay more attention in study she will not get poor grade. I do not want to yell and i am tired of explaining. Save yourself whom u will meet and marry. she slept with so many that i cannot imagine. why they are not afraid of STD?

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