Daughter in Laws from hell..

Mirella - posted on 08/30/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have inherited a Daughter in Law from hell...... My 35 year old son married 3 years ago and it's been nothing but hell for me and my family..

I seriously think there is something dangerous wrong with her mental status.. Can't believe a women her age 33 can behave is such disgusting cruel manner.. Just to think she is a teacher of young kids.... She has been on a mission to take me away from my son.... She is a bully where she needs to be in control of everyone and everything... She uses an eye for a eye , meaning depending how he treats her parents she will treat me..... I asked her if this behavior was taught in Teacher School... as she works for the Catholic School Board can you imagine this teacher teaching young minds.. She has stripped me of Motherhood...How can she herself who wants to be a mother and has a mother treat another mother with such disrespect and disgust.... I had enough to which i no longer want her in my life.
she is bitter and miserable and down right cruel...... Now the problem is my son as till now he tried to make peace... but these past months he has taken up her ways and totally use such horrible words and behavior towards me.. He has been treating his sister who is 13 years younger the same way and his father.. He came at Father's Day and threw him a 6 pack of beer with such cold behaviour which his dad replied when you come with a good heart you don't need to bring a gift, you think i'm stupid that i can't tell how you and that women came here!!! When i asked him to please come by and talk to me why you decided to hurt be with such cruel behavior he did come by , to my horror he did not even acknowledge me and within a few seconds upon me asking him what is wrong why is he acting this way he called his wife up and put her on speaker and told her nasty things about me and she began yelling .. he lied to her as well... I went crazy with rage.... As i feel he planned this .. I can't express the hurt from this son... I lost much trust forever with him... He continue with her behavior back and forth since May of 2014,,,,, till i ended all communications with him as this was making me so stressed out.

All my friends and family dislike this wife he married , how can everyone be so wrong.
and tell me sit back and watch Karma destroy her.

How can a man of 35 live with such women who has no friends no one as everyone hates her... is so cruel and nasty and so evil ... can't understand this..

I heard gossip in his way of life which for now i won't go into this ... which i know he has no respect for her either.. .... which i really couldn't care as she will one day get all this cruel behavior back,.... They purchased a home which my husband killed himself helping to fix it up and paid for so much.... Never did i ever imagine such a thing would happen to me .... never...... Changed my text as not to receive any more texts from him or her.... Asked my husband if we can move away as not to see her especially and i shall never ever call up my son ... The cruelty of his behavior is beyond bizarre and hurtful... His father became so ill and he knew of this and not one phone call... How does a man wanting to be a father one day act this way towards his own father who has been nothing but a good dad.. He paid for his wedding plates,, 10,000.. to a son who lived in our home till age of 32.. and paid nothing whom i ran for in all ways... He witness my own Mom's sorrow of her own lack of son Love feeling so lonely and sad till the day she died and now he... Can't wrap my mind and has been making me so sad... How can a son allow his cruel wife to hurt us and now him..... I am mourning a living son..... been so hard.... Anyone has any suggesting and advice.... My husband tells me let it go and enjoy life... but how...

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