daughter is 25 left us hast told us where she lives. She has gone off with a black man that cannot support his kids. She is white and they evidently live in an inner city neighborhood. We put her thru school and she is an rn. She is very angry with us and this is more hurt thanwe can stand. She is cruel to me because we dont accept the interacial relationship. We've seen him at our house 3 times. She does act angry and we feel abandoned . My husband is beside himself. This has been going on 4 8 months now. We dont wan to go one. Its more than we ever thought we d have to endure . We raised her right and she did this to us>


Dove - posted on 02/08/2013




You are throwing away your relationship with your ADULT daughter over skin color?! Get over yourself. Good for her for overcoming the disgusting prejudicial way you have raised her. I hope she has a very happy life and keeps her and her future kids safe away from your ignorance and hatred.


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Liz - posted on 02/08/2013




You 'raised her right' but you think she's wrong for having an interracial relationship? I'm sorry, but to me that constitutes raising her with prejudice and not 'right' at all. Good for her for being open-minded enough not to continue it.

She's found love and the man's skin colour is absolutely irrelevant. I think you need to get over yourselves if you want her back in your life. I'm not surprised that she's cut contact, because your attitude is hateful, offensive and belongs in the 1950s.

Michelle - posted on 02/08/2013




I agree with Kathy. From what you have written, you are pushing her away by not supporting her in her relationship. It seems like you are very judgmental and maybe you need to look at your comments and actions first. You don't have to love him but for the sake of your daughter and keeping her in your family it would be best to try and accept him.

Your daughter is 25 and old enough to make her own decisions and that includes who she chooses to be in a relationship with. By saying the things you have written here, you are pushing her away and it will take a lot for the relationship with you to heal.

Kathy - posted on 02/08/2013




Have you ever thought about what you are doing to her. Just because you do not believe in interracial couples does not mean she has to. If you are the ones who made her feel unwelcome by the fact of who she is with then I do not blame her for cutting contact. You need to support her decisions even if you feel they are wrong. She is an adult who needs to make adult decisions and learn from making mistakes. You do not know this man's life so do not judge. Love your daughter no matter what and let her live her life.

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