Daughter is obsessed with singer...help please!

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My 14 yr old daughter has become completely obsessed with Harry in the band One Direction. While I totally understand a girlish crush on a singer or actor, I am becoming quite concerned with her infactuation. Her room is full of posters, the only music she listens to is his, she continually searches and reads any info she can on him, and truly believes that she knows him. She is to the point of depression because she can't meet him or be with him?!! Please, any advise you may have on how I can help her to get over such obsessive behaviour is greatly appreciated,...


Ariana - posted on 11/14/2012




Is she involved in other activities? Does she have other friends? You might just want to get her involved in other things so her singer obsession isn't the only thing she has to think about. Get her out in the real world.

If you get her involved in some activities (something she's interested in, music, youth group, guides, drama class, something) and she is still having this obsession to the point of being depressed then take her to a councellor. She may be obsessed with him to fill in some social gap she's having or to put herself in a fantasy world. Or she's just obsessed but either way it may be getting out of hand.

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