Daughter is picking up bad behavior from summer camp. Do I keep sending her??

Tiffany - posted on 08/11/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter came home doing provocative dances tonight. Shes been going to summer camp and I'm not sure if I should say anything to them, or is this just a normal part of raising a 7 year old??


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Chet - posted on 08/12/2014




Because your daughter is 7 this is something she could pick up at school, from TV, on the playground or at a friend's house just as easily as at summer camp. I probably wouldn't stop sending her if this is the only issue. Pulling out of camp won't make this issue go away.

That doesn't mean that you shouldn't talk to your daughter about the dancing... and that you shouldn't talk to the camp about it either. I would talk to your daughter and the camp both.

At this age, I probably wouldn't get into a lot of gory details about what it means to be provocative... at 7 kids are usually copying without understanding what it means. I think I'd be more inclined to encourage more appropriate types of dance, and to ask the camp to encourage more age-appropriate activities.

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