Daughter leaving before finishing high school


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 11/08/2015




Is she 18? If so, it's up to her. I've got an 18 YO that is pushing limits at this point, but he, his father, and I have reached an agreement with our adult child: 18 or not, school is important, and he understands that he needs to finish high school.

Now, since you left ONE cryptic sentence, there are questions: Is she moving to live with her father? Has she been offered a schooling or employment opportunity? Or is she just going so that she can get stoned easier? Many kids have moved to Colorado thinking that, because they've legalized the sale of marijuana, life will be peachy...only to find out that: 1) just like alcohol, one cannot legally purchase until they are 21 years of age, and 2) Public consumption is still illegal.

Also, transient camps of underage adults are being broken up daily, with sometimes criminal charges along with that. I know this because I'm in Fort Collins almost weekly for doctors, etc, and I see what's happening. Personally, I don't have a problem with legal weed, and I enjoy purchasing legally when I'm there, but these kids don't get the reality of the situation. My son is included in this bunch, and we're working on his level of responsibility...LOL...even though I've spent the last 18 years trying to raise a responsible adult (did great with his brother...LOL...each kid is different)

But, again, if she's 18, there's not a whole lot you can control here. If my son were to choose to leave today, I wouldn't legally be able to stop him. I'd be heartbroken, and I'd have to put my foot down with him that we won't help him out of any binds because he isn't being responsible, but I'd have to let him go.


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Raye - posted on 11/09/2015




Shawn is right. If they are legal age to be on their own, you can't do anything about it. If they're not legal age, and they leave, report them as a missing person and for truancy. You as a parent are responsible for them until they are legal age, even if they are not living with you. So if they're underage and get in trouble, you could be brought up on charges.

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