daughter left outside daycare for 10 min after playtime and door was lock

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my daughter in law went to go get our grandaughters from daycare and when she got there they told her our three year old was in bathroom by her self but she wasnt and then my other grandaughter point to the back door which goes outside and she said thats where her sister was and sure enough they said omg and open the back door and my grandaughter came from around a tree with dirt in her mouth she said the people locked the door and there were 2 teachers in their they said they are sorry but i am not falling for this because my grandaughter that was out side is three years old she is under dr care in chapel hill because of her kidneys and asthma she keep saying that the people locked the door also my daughter has gone through a lot with her children so i am asking you mother what would u do i am upset


Lacye - posted on 07/23/2012




If something like this happened to my child, especially with the health problems you are talking about, I would not take my child back there and I would call the proper authorities to report them. There is no excuse to locking a child that young outside by herself.

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