Daughter only girls at her table is this fair?

Kristy - posted on 02/09/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




I would really like some advise from other moms as I can't find anything on the web like this situation. My daughter is five and this is her first year at school. She is good student works well in class and the teacher is very happy with her. I was happy my daughter was enjoying school until Friday when she came home and said she had been moved to a table with all boys no girls. She cried and said it wasn't fair I agree there is an even number of both boys and girls and am now worried that in doing this the teacher is not allowing her to form bonds with the girls. She said on Friday she played alone at lunch as the girls didn't want to play with someone who sits with all the boys. I am so frustrated right now why would a teacher do this. Am I over thinking this. I want to bring this up to the teacher but am not sure how to broach the subject.


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Chet - posted on 02/09/2014




I agree with the other posters. You should definitely talk to the teacher. The teacher needs to know how your daughter is feeling about the situation, and how the other children are treating her.

But yes, teachers rotate children around. It's not reasonable to expect your child to sit with the same group of girls all year.

Jodi - posted on 02/09/2014




They usually change the table groups around regularly. They do this so that they CAN form bonds with different kids. I would be concerned that the other children are isolating her because of the situation, and I think this needs to be addressed by the teacher, but overall, I don't see a problem with being at a table with all boys in class.

Cynthia Allen - posted on 02/09/2014




I agree with you 100%. Send an email and ask the Teacher to exaplin the situation and her thinking because this can cause bulling from other kids.

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