Daughter only wants veggies, fruit and crackers

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My 19 month daughter only will eat steamed veggies, fruit, crackers and bread. She won't eat any dairy- yogurt, cheese etc. and now is even starting to refuse milk, I try and offer it through out the day in smaller quantities to get her to drink and after a few sips she pushes it back and says "done". She also won't eat meat- we try all the time to give her meats and dairy hoping that one day she will "like it" but it is just not happening! We have tried eliminating snacks so at her meal times she will be hungry and eat but she takes sooo long to eat and just wants to play. She is also not wanting to take a nap anymore she will just sit in her crib and play. I am getting so exhausted always cooking 2 meals (for my husband and I and then one for her- because she will not touch what we are eating- we always try first and she always refuses.) We have tried limiting time she gets to eat. Tried skipping a meal if she refuses to eat what we are serving her. All of it just makes her very cranky. Has anyone else been experiencing this??

About her: She is growing great 99% Height and 75% weight. She is SUPER energetic and doesn't stop moving all day. Very smart- says around 350+ words and fully comprehends everything we say to her and is bilingual. She doesn't have any allergies or other health concerns.


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If her growth is fine, just give her a multi vitamin and let her continue with the fruit and veggies.
We have a similar problem. my son doesn't eat meat either. He also will not eat breads, but we get the dairy in. My son is 9 years old, he is smallish for his age, but he is very healthy and very smart. He has skipped two grades and will start 6th grade next year along with college level calculus and chemistry at a local university. The important thing is making sure she is getting the nutrients she needs for proper neurological development. Meat is mostly protein, which helps with muscle development and gross motor skills. Protein can also be found in many nuts, beans, and legumes. Dairy is mostly vitamin C, which luckily is one of the few vitamins that is well absorbed in pill form.

If you really want to be a stickler and condition her to eat what you eat for convenience sake, you should continue to serve her what you are having and allow her to eat only while you are eating. If she refuses, she will be hungry. Unfortunately, this WILL make her very cranky for a few weeks, but eventually she should adjust. For me, it isn't a big deal to heat up a small pot of sweet peas or corn for my son while I'm cooking our dinner, but I skip the more complicated stuff for him.

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