Daughter tried to end her life

Anna - posted on 07/07/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi my daughter tried to end her life on the weekend by taking an overdose of her antibiotics and antidepressants! Currently she is on a psychiatric ward but not doing well at all, I feel to blame I don't know how to help her and make her strong plz help!!!


Priscille - posted on 07/08/2015




Hi Anna,
Guilt is such an insidious emotion. If we let it, it will eat us alive and prevent us from moving forward constructively. It seldom leads to action and change.
Blaming yourself will not help, neither will it help you nor your daughter. The best way to help make her strong is to be strong and resourceful yourself. Show her how beautiful, courageous, strong and determined you are. Be playful, cheerful, patient and gentle with her. Be compassionate, kind and tolerant with yourself.
As parents we do the best we can, sometimes we do splendidly, sometimes we mess up, sometimes we barely manage, sometimes we are outstanding... There's no diploma to becoming a good parent and no perfect method.


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MaryAnn - posted on 07/07/2015




*hands waaaay up* I was in your daughters position at sixteen!
I said awful, awful things to my mom about why i did it. I openly blamed others, and today i am truly ashamed. It was wrong- and also very incorrect. I made that decision on my own, my thoughts were NOT rational. In patient psychiatric care is exactly where she should be for now.
When i was there, my parents supported me by talking to my doctors, both with and without my presence... taking interest in my daily activities- we had rec therapy, and i showed them my paintings and such. They took advantage of visiting hours, and we rode the elevator. Walked the halls, got sweets and coffee.
It sounds totally wrong, but it sometimes helps to think of bonding with a mentally ill teen like you would a small child... it provides a stark contrast to the heavy and frankly awful headspace that comes with the illness. Silly-ness, mess-making, and just laughing... is really a healthy thing.

Raye - posted on 07/07/2015




How old is your daughter?

Antidepressants can sometimes make people have suicidal thoughts or actions. Could be the meds need to be changed, could be she really just needs psychiatric/psychological help to try and overcome some issues.

People are responsible for their own actions. Whether or not you had anything to do with her feelings, you are not to blame for her actions.

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