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Daughter using random things to masturbate

Raye - posted on 10/30/2018 ( 4 moms have responded )




I just had to have a conversation with my 13yo stepdaughter about masturbation. I don't have a problem with it happening, and I told her it was normal. The problem is that I found things in her room (hairbrush handles, toys not made for sexual use) that had bodily fluids on them. My concern is about her not being clean, putting not clean things inside her, not cleaning up afterward, etc. I don't want her to get infections.

I know she was mortified about having the conversation, and I hope that is enough to get her to stop putting random things inside herself. I thought about purchasing something for her made for that use, and stressing the fact that she needs to keep it clean. But she's so lazy I doubt she would clean it regularly. She can't even put snotty tissues into the trash can in her bedroom, just throws them on the floor. When she has her period, she sleeps on bloody sheets until I see it and make her wash them. How can I get her to be more health conscious and less gross?


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Lika - posted on 03/21/2019




That is one of the problems when girls 'teach themselves', they think to masturbate they have to simulate sex, that means penetration. Not good at that age.

What she needs is to be taught to focus on her clit and vulva (external pussy.).
What my best friend did when she taught her daughters, it was panties on and rub through them, it was a way of discouraging sexual penetration (there were also other reasons.)

Olivia - posted on 02/04/2019




Hi Raye! The positive talk regarding masturbation was great, but I think this might be a losing battle. Did being "mortified" work? Maybe the threat of an extremely mortifying talk with Dad is in order.

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