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Lesley - posted on 08/08/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi, I'm Lesley, and no I'm not a mom, I am thirteen years old and I started this to ask some other moms for advice. I am going to eighth grade and well we all know that at my age, puberty strikes. 😅 I have been breaking out and hoping that I could wear some light Neutrogena foundation and concealer. But here's the problem: My parents do not approve of makeup whatsoever. (My dad barely lets me buy lip balms and my mom only lets me play with makeup at home). They think makeup at this age ruins my skin. Is there a way I could convince them to let me use makeup? Or should I just wait?


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Jodi - posted on 08/08/2016




Foundation makes the issue worse. It will clog your pores and increase the break outs.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 08/08/2016




I agree with the others 😊. Make up will only make the problem worse.

You are young, and beautiful! We all have breakouts, even at 46. Totally normal.

I only wear makeup when I have to, for special occasions. I sometimes use eyeliner and mascara at work, but not always.

Michelle - posted on 08/08/2016




If you are having skin problems makeup will make it worse.
Your parents are right to not let you wear it.
I wear makeup to work, only because I work in retail and the lights are harsh but as soon as I get home I take it off and don't wear any on my days off. I hate it.
You would be better off getting into a good skin care routine rather than trying to cover it up.

Dove - posted on 08/08/2016




They are right. Make up can ruin your skin and is totally unnecessary. All the kids your age are going through the same things. Be confident in your body and yourself. Make up on occasion (like a special party/event) is one thing, but daily to 'hide' who you are...? Wait.

Of course, I'm almost 40 years old and have only worn make up twice in my life... and neither time was my idea. lol My 14.5 year old daughters have dressed up and worn make up and have since they were 12... but it is a RARE thing. They use nothing daily and I would completely object if they wanted to. All 3 of us (yes, me still at my age) have break outs at times. It's normal. Who cares?

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