Daughter was to be named after GreatGrandMother, named wrong name, MIL didn't share until 5 mos old!

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I have a 5 month old daughter, names really mean a lot to me, and I put a lot of effort into naming her. She has 4 names, her first and last are fine, her two middle names are supposed to be after grandmothers -- one on my side and one on her dads. My husband wanted the name of his beloved grandmother who passed away when he was 8 to be included -- everyone called her "Grandma Connie" and that is how my husband knew her, and believed it was short for "Contessa" I do not care for that name, did not like it, would never have chosen it and my husband put his foot down and insisted it be her name and out of love and respect for him let it be.
We were keeping the name secret from family till our daughter was born, but I confided in my mother in law and shared the secret name honoring her mother in law -- I said that we were naming our daughter "Contessa" after grandma Connie. Well, low and behold, "Connie" was actually short for "Constance" instead of saying ANYTHING like "that is an interesting derivation of Constance" or anything like that or just "her name was Constance not Contessa" she said NOTHING and I just found out that our daughter is named the wrong name.
So what do I do, my husband still likes the name, feels like an fool for not knowing his grandmother's name and wants this situation to go away, and I am on the fence about officially correcting the name in the birth records. What should I do? How do I get over my anger at my mother-in-law for not sharing that we were naming our daughter the wrong name?


Michelle - posted on 01/02/2013




I think you need to step back and really think if a name is something to be this upset about. it's not as if it's her first name either, it's one of her middle names and she'll very rarely use it, especially with so many names as it is.

There are bigger things to get upset about other than one of the middle names, sorry I just don't get it.

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