Daughter works with bad boyfriend

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I have had guardianship of my 16 year old granddaughter since she was 5. She has been just a joy, and we have had a great relationship even considering my age. She has a 3.75 GPA and capability of a 4.0 but.... she met this boy age 16 who goes to her school and she was persistent until she got a job at the same restaurant he works at. He doesn't make good grades and hangs with some guys that are a little older than himself and seems to have no goals. Her grades dropped off last school year when this started. It just isn't a healthy relationship and in my opinion, not a good choice for her. He also keeps her in a constant state of turmoil because he is always "cheating" on her with one of her friends. He finally told her that he would not give up this particular "special, long time girl friend." It drives her crazy - she breaks up with him and then continues to be talked into going back. They have broke up at least 4 times. I am thinking that the one thing I should and can do is stop her working with him because they see each other on the job late until the night when he always talks her into coming back to him. What do you think?


Chet - posted on 08/04/2014




Teens learn from their mistakes. This is the kind of thing they suffer through and come out stronger and smarter on the other side.

If you force her to quit her job then she just has a controlling grandma on top of all of this crazy boyfriend drama. You can't fix this for her. She has to decide fix it herself.

You can be a resource to her though. I think you can gently suggest some things she might want to consider. It's fair to point out that she seems unhappy dealing with all of this at work, and ask if she might prefer working somewhere else. It's fair to remind her about the things that make a relationship, and to encourage her to think about her relationship with this guy and if it really makes her happy.

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