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Brandy - posted on 06/17/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My oldest daughter is 6 and plays with our neighbors (has for almost 3 yrs now). The girls are 8 and 10yrs old. The 10 yr old has been very mean for about a mth now. I also babysit a 5 yr old from across the street too. All the girls play pretty well together, or use to. When the 10 yr is around its constant hurt feelings, the girls getting hurt by "accident" and she's bossy. She will "tell on" any of them if they don't let her go first at something. She will get 2 of the girls to side with her and all 3 will gang up on one girl. She will give dirty looks and roll her eyes but act like a perfect kid when I'm close. Has recently put a squirt gun right up to their faces and squirted them in the eyes.
I wonder why a 10yr old would want to play with a 6 and 5 yr old in the first place. An due to her behavior I'm almost going to let her mom know she can't play here.

Its gotten so bad that my daughter is now starting to treat the 5yr old the way the 10 yr old does. Now my daughter is sweet and a great big sister but she has always had a little but if a sassy mouth. But how her behavior has been is just down right mean. I have been on her and disciplined with each mean thing. I have spoken to her about what's mean. I tell her she does t like it when someone is mean to her and she should treat ppl how she wants to be treated.

We have talked about typed of things she can do when the 10 yr old gets mean a d she's done/tried them but nothings worked. I've even stepped in, when one of the younger girls has came to me. I've told her that type of behavior is not acceptable here an have sent her home a few times.

I hate my daughter being treated this way but she needs, to an extent, stand her ground but she's now action like this too. Also being mean to her 2 1/2 yr old younger sister and teacher her this is ok.

Not sure what to do here or how to go about cutting her out of playing with the younger girls.

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